Mortgage Lending Despite Existing Loans

Home loan despite existing loans. A million marks in the lake of the blacktip without piece building financing rose despite existing credits without a Credit Checker.

A large piece of butter Mongolian Stuarts, something dark, in front of homebuyers Mortgage lending despite existing loans without Credit Checker. Useful tips if there are problems with mortgage lending despite existing loans. Interest charge due to the rescheduling of the existing loan.

Is the home still burdened by loans?

Is the home still burdened by loans?

It is best to repay existing loans, especially in times of low-interest rates. However, in a representative survey conducted by Good Lender’s, 22 percentage points of Germans state that they have money at the top but at the same time have to look after a loan. The study carried out by Market Research only considered credit types such as overdrafts, credit card limits or installment loans, which, unlike mortgage lending, usually allow for a flexible repayment plan.

“The repayment of short-term loans brings the consumer the highest interest rates because there is almost always less interest income for savings than for loans,” says Thomas Bieler from Good Lender’s also make sense for the debtor to save beyond the required “iron reserve” – ​​for example, for an imminent payment obligation for which no new balance should be claimed.

However, the study also shows that 22 percentage points of borrowers did not know what interest they would pay. “Debtors should take advantage of the principle of” repayment before investment “, advises Thomas Bieler. If the debt can not be repaid immediately, such as a construction loan with a limited duration and no or only limited special repayment possibility, the capital should always be invested so that it is available at the next possible repayment date.

Good Lender’s AG: With more than 8 million residential customers serviced, Good Lender’s ranks number three among retail banks in Germany. The core business areas in retail banking include savings deposits, securities business, mortgage lending, consumer loans, and corporate clients.

For its clients, the house is accessible 24 hours a day. Its customers include large, global corporations. More than 3,500 employees work for Good Lender’s at the company locations in Frankfurt (main location), Hannover, Nuremberg, and Vienna.

Mortgage lending Despite existing loans

Mortgage lending Despite existing loans

Useful information, if there are problems with mortgage lending despite existing loans. Do you intend to take out a loan to finance necessary repairs or purchases such as vacation, cars or mobile phones? But you have the problem area of ​​ unfavorable creditworthiness or a defective Credit Checker entry? On this page, you’ll find useful advice on how to get cheap credit and not trip into expensive loan-backed loan trades, despite existing loans.

However, it is not always possible to ask friends or relatives for “mortgage lending, in spite of existing loans.” An entry with or insufficient credit makes it difficult to take out a loan And in order to get a loan with a normal financial institution, on the one hand, the creditworthiness must be correct and on the other hand, there must be no entry into or into the Credit Checker.

What many people do not know – even without Credit Checker information or a miserable credit rating, you can apply for a loan. As a rule, the customer addresses renowned credit brokers who conclude a loan agreement in close cooperation with international financial institutions despite their lack of creditworthiness or negative creditworthiness. What advantages does a really good broker have for you?

The intermediary primarily helps you to find a foreign or German bank for a suitable loan. Of course, if you are looking for a financial advisor or need help with preparing the loan application documents, then there is also a good loan broker available. Many brokers have good relationships with small and less well-known banks, which gives them the opportunity to obtain very effective mortgage conditions despite existing loans.

Good personal contact with small banks pays off, for example, because the intermediary can interpret a Credit Checker contribution. The credit check is then not as important as a large house bank, where the lending is usually computerized. Applying for a mortgage loan Despite existing loans from a regular bank, on the other hand, it would be completely fruitless.

Most of the banks offer their services on the Internet


Both are regarded as serious and trustworthy and have many years of experience in the field of credit. Especially in questions such as mortgage lending, these two intermediaries are the absolute professionals despite existing loans. When it comes to mortgage lending, there will always be a well-known intermediary in your favor, despite existing loans.

Even the intermediary does not charge you any commission because he receives it from the house bank. With four different features, you can identify a respected intermediary: you can recognize a dubious broker by the following characteristics: Whether for the new car, a longer vacation trip, an upgraded smartphone or the initial capital for self-building – loans from foreign financial institutions are long gone,

In addition to the traditional way of becoming a bank, consumers now have the option of making loans from overseas institutions to their needs via the network. This has the disadvantage that our credit guidelines in Germany are not so strict. In the case of mortgage lending, bad creditworthiness or bad Credit Checker admission are therefore not so important despite existing loans.

As a rule, it is the Swiss credit institutions that refinance loans that are brokered over the Internet. Despite existing loans, it is particularly difficult for this group of people to get a contract. Due to debt or bad creditworthiness, financing opportunities are significantly reduced. It is a bond issued by a Swiss financial institution.

As a rule, such institutions do not conduct Credit Checker searches, which considerably simplifies the search for loans. Despite existing loans, this finding is a valuable asset. But even with Swiss institutions, you can not carry out a loan without a certain credit check. In addition, the Swiss National Bank requires securities and income certificates. If you have problems only with the Credit Checker booking, but your creditworthiness is in order, the Swiss building loan would be a real way out despite existing loans.

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