Online Loans at Decreasing Rates

If you are looking for online loans in decreasing installments, E-Money by Good Credit is one of the ideal solutions for you. Depending on your punctual repayment of the loan installments, the interest rate will drop over the course of the loan, giving you the opportunity to repay the loan in an increasingly convenient way.

E-Money, Good Credit’s convenient online loans, at decreasing installments, up to $ 30,000

With E-Money you can, in fact, have the possibility to repay the loan at an interest rate that drops to 4.95%, one of the best online loans you can ever apply for, up to $ 30,000.

Let’s see a concrete example to understand how these Good Credit online loans work, to understand their real convenience.

Online loans Good Credit E-Money, a concrete example

Online loans Good Credit E-Money, a concrete example

The example is taken directly from the Good Credit website. Let’s assume that you request an online loan of $ 12,000, to be repaid within 72 months.

The amount of the preliminary costs is 100 dollars, the amount of the installments, which is at a fixed rate, is 229.62 dollars. The initial TAN is 10.40%, while the initial APR is 11.89%.

If you pay all the 72 monthly installments of this Good Credit online loan on time, here is your loan amortization plan :

  • for the first 24 installments, TAN of 10.40% and a monthly payment of 229.62 dollars
  • for installments from the 25th to the 48th, TAN of 7.68% and monthly installment of 218.14 dollars
  • for the last installments of the loan, ie from the 49th to the 72nd, or the last, TAN of 4.95% and monthly installment of 212.27 dollars

The average APR of the loan is 10.39%, for a total saving of 691.92 dollars

The characteristics of Good Credit E-Money online loans

The characteristics of Good Credit E-Money online loans

The duration ranges from a minimum of 36 months to a maximum of 84 months. The initial TAN is 10.40% fixed, while the initial APR is 15.82%.

The refund method is only through RID. If you are looking for a loan to be repaid with postal bulletins, you can instead look at Good Credit Fidiamo online loans.

Other costs of these online loans

Other costs of these online loans

Depending on the amount of online loans, the preliminary costs are a maximum of 300 dollars, the state stamp duty is 14.62 dollars, while the installment collection costs are 3 dollars. Finally, the costs associated with sending the loan statement are $ 1.20, to be incurred once every year.

Loan insurance

The loan insurance that Good Credit allows you to take out gives you the opportunity to have a repayment that is always safe and protected from any unexpected events. Good Finance is the best solution from this point of view.

Find out more about Good Credit’s decreasing rate loans, E-Money.

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